Tuesday, September 6, 2011

iPads in Elementary Schools

          The iPad is a great tool that can be used in the classroom. In many cases it can replace the computer. It is small and fun to use as an educational tool, which makes it great to use in the elementary school classroom.
          In third grade, the ipad can be a very useful tool in the classroom. There are so many things students can learn from and do with the ipad. There are thousands of educational apps designed for students to help further their understanding of what they are learning in the classroom. These apps can help kids review basic skills, improve critical thinking and decision-making skills, and even learn to read better. Blogging is another great way to use the ipad in the classroom. Teachers can have their students blog about things that are on their mind. This is a great way from students to express themselves and their knowledge about what they are learning. Students can also use their ipads to track homework assignments, take notes, and surf the web. Another thing students can do with the ipad is download books to read, both educational and recreational. 
          For teachers, the ipad is also a very useful tool. It is a great way to help students learn more in the classroom.Teachers can give lessons, monitor progress, stay in touch with parents and other teachers, and much more. It is a great way for teachers to stay organized. 

Ways to use the ipad in the classroom
  • Educational Apps
  • Recreational Apps
  • Blogging
  • Books
  • Videos/ Movies
  • Podcasts
  • Internet
  • Twitter
  • Music

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